How to be FIT ?

In Today’s world, everyone wants to be fit. But no one wants to do hard work. If you want to be fit you must do hard work on your body. And these hard work doesn’t include only weight lifting, gyming, running. The most important thing work in to become fit is diet or food supplement you are taking before and after the workout. Taking good food supplements, nutrients(macro and micro nutrients) leads to fast growth on your body.


Fitness is not a destiny its a journey.

If you genuinely follow these steps that are given below, i can surely say that you will become fit.

1. Avoid Junk Food:-

Avoid junk food
No junk food

The first thing you should keep in your mind that you should not consume junk food. Because the consumption of junk food does not only gives you calories, it also gives you lots of bad fat, cholesterol etc. which are some of the obstacles between you and your goal.  

2. Do Workout/Exercises:-

how to be fit

Exercise plays an important role in to stay fit. If you are fat or lean you need a proper exercise for losing fat or bulking respectively. According to your body condition, you should do exercises. If you are beginner avoid that exercise which can damage your body parts like deadlift, heavy weight lifting etc.


how to be fit

If you are not comfortable with the gym or doesn’t want to lift weights you can also opt for yoga. Yoga consists of Asanas like Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Trikonasana and many more. It is the easiest way to be fit. This ancient form of fitness with roots in India focuses on developing balance, strength and flexibility.

4.Calculated meals in a day:-

diet plan
Diet plan

Avoid consumption of excess calories in your body. Excess no. of calories leads to an increase in the body fat percentage. Try to take 5 meals in a day in a limited amount of calories according to your body requirements. Intake of whey protein isn’t important for your body to stay fit. In order to stay fit your body can get enough protein from the calculated meals and paneer, eggs, Tofu.

5. Stick to your Regular training:- 


Do not change your daily routine training each week. Stick to your same exercise which results in you to be fit. Changing your exercise does not result in to be fit and it will hit your other muscle which has not been trained yet. For more interesting stories and trending tech updates do visit our blog section.

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