How to Earn Money in PUBG Mobile


PUBG mobile
PUBG mobile

  Hey guys we all know PUBG is the most addictive game in the world nowadays. We all spend our precious time while playing pubg so here are the ways where we can use our precious time to earn money in PUBG mobile.If you got the skills in PUBG mobile , then you can hit the winner winner chicken dinner. Skills includes Early rotations, zone prediction, close combat 1v1 .                                                            Trust me guys i had personally used these ways to earn money in PUBG mobile, these are genuine and trustworthy.

Check out all the possible ways to earn money in PUBG mobile.

1.By participating in INDIA BONUS CHALLENGE :-

To participate in this event you have to open PUBG mobile in your device, then click on the Events and select INDIA BONUS.

INDIA bonus
INDIA bonus

After entering in INDIA BONUS CHALLENGE, register yourself as solo or squad.

INDIA bonus
INDIA bonus

Note:-There is no matching for duo match.

Winner will get Battlecoins from which you can redeem various items and in game currency UC upto 500 UC.


2.Playing Online Tournaments:-

This is most profitable platform to earn money in PUBG mobile.There are many platforms which provides lots of winning amount by investing small amount in PUBG mobile. You can withdraw your winning amount using Paytm,Google Pay etc.

Earn money
Earn Money

These are the platforms

that provides you money by winning the matches. You can choose according to your preference like solo, duo , squad matchings.

3.Stream or Upload content on YouTube:-

YouTube is a platform where you can upload and stream on your channel to earn money.

Earn on stream
Earn on stream

So its give you full access to use your PUBG mobile skills to attract audiences on your channel.So you can upload pubg games highlights or live stream of gameplay or may be some tips and tricks videos to increase your subscriber.You can earn money by playing PUBG mobile on YouTube.There are several methods to earn money by following methods.

Google Adsense, Superchat by audiences, paid promotions,

  •  Google Adsense show ads on your channel. And at the end of every month Google Adsense gives you a good amount of money
  • Superchat by your viewers:  So during the live stream. Youtube gives the options of superchat to your viewers to donate money.
  •  Paid promotions on the channel: This is another way to earn money by playing PUBG on can get lots of sponsors on your channel to promote them and for this, they pay you a good amount of money.

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