Top 5 Best Fitness Smart Band Under 2000

Top 5 Best Fitness Smart Band Under 2000

Fitness smart Bands are quite popular these days and can be found easily on almost everyone’s wrist from a doctor to almost every profession want to monitor their health not only does it help in your running or jogging in a park it could be used in your work time in order to monitor your health Since the start of covid, almost everyone and every country implemented lockdowns and everyone was locked in their house.

Flights and all the other means of traveling business halted or being shut down all around the globe in order to stop the spread of the virus and time passed along and everyone waiting at their home for this virus spread to be reduce so people could go back to their normal lives fitness became a major issue for the most people as the office going employees who worked their regular 9 am to 5 pm jobs were either on leave or working from home which made their lives a bit easier for a little while but gave a bittersweet aftertaste and that was obesity and that’s where a fitness smart band would be helpful to us in order to monitor almost all the attributes which would come in handy for you to get back into your original shape or even better your old self The fitness smart bands are way more portable and easy to access for the user as a fitness band can be used to monitor your heart rate, it can give you a whole lot of useful information about how many records your daily burned calories and step counter and the Self-tracking allows you to stick to a healthier diet, exercise better and improve your day-to-day life, and sleep better. as you’re going to buy a fitness smart band for yourself or for your family and friends, then you are likely to be bombarded by many advertisements as they would look very enticing to you with descriptions that will definitely lure you into buying them. but we are here to help you in order for you to get the most bang out of your buck. There are a lot of brands that sell fitness smart bands but not all of them are worth your money As you have made your mind to achieve the best version of yourself we will help you to choose the best version of the fitness smart band in order to achieve your goal with us.

We will categorize the Top 5 Best Fitness Smart Band Under 2000.

Top 5 Best Fitness Smart Band Under 2000

1.Mi Smart Band

mi smart band 4
  • 22.1gms Weight
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • AMOLED Display
  • 135mAh battery
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Mi smart Band  comes with 0.95 inches coloured touch display. Mi Smart Band is the most advanced fitness band under 2K as it comes with has a 5ATM waterproof built, you can now take your band for a swim. It can auto-detect your swim style and captures detailed data points for tracking. Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0. Resolution:120 x 240 RGB. It can tell you about your sleep pattern with accurate light and deep sleep monitoring

The Mi Smart Band 4 features a 39.9% larger (than Mi Band 3) AMOLED color full-touch display with adjustable brightness, so everything is clear as can be. the mi smart band is compatible with Android 4.4 and above /iOS 9.0 and above. Body material: Polycarbonate. The battery can last Up to 20 days for uninterrupted performance. With this band on you, you can receive messages, reject calls or silence a call, and get social media notifications on the go. This smart band is at the top of our list of Top 5 Best Fitness Smart Band Under 2000

2.Mi Band 3

mi band 3
  • OLED display
  • Water-resistant upto 5ATM
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 20-day battery life

Its battery can last Up to 20 days but with the Automatic Heart Rate feature expected battery life will be 3-9 days. It is Compatible with Android 4.4 and above/iOS 9.0 or above. Use Mi-Fit App to connect the phone. Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.2 0.78” OLED touch screen. The strap is adjustable, length is 155 – 216mm. You can read messages and receive call notifications and alerts from other applications as well such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Comfortable Fit

Single body design


Matte finish

Mi Band is the 3rd installment from Xiaomi’s Mi Band series that comes with a 0.78″ OLED display with bright colours and the images look sharp and clear as compared to other fitness smart bands.

3.Honor Band

honor band 5
  • OLED display
  • Foot mode to measure running posture
  • Water-resistant up to 5ATM
  • 12-day battery backup

Huawei has made quite a giant impression in the smartphones industry with Honor and Honor Band is a great addition to the long list of premium yet worthy products. Honor Band Running comes with a sporty dual-colored wrist strap design that is available in two different combinations of grey-green and comes with a 0.95 inch AMOLED Touch screen, you can adjust the screen brightness, Full-screen touch & home button control; Belt clip is designed in order to make the grip firmly attach to your wrist. It Uses Huawei Health App to connect with the phone. Scientific Sleep Monitoring is available. Heart Rate Monitoring allows 24-hour accurate real-time heart rate monitoring & warnings 5ATM Water Resistant i.e  50 meters water resistant.

Long Standby Time, the standby time could be upto 17 days. Multiple Sports Modes such as Supports Running, Walking, Cycling, Pool Swim & Training differnt Exercises Types; day to day Activities Tracking & Monitoring such as Step counter, calories burned counter, distance covered, moderate to high-intense activities duration & standing status, target setting & achievement reminder.

4.Huawei Band 4

huawei band 4
  • Music Control
  • Plug and Play with USB charging
  • Multiple Watch Faces
  • Call Notification Alert
  • 9 Sports Modes
  • Smart Heart rate tracking 

TFT-LCD Display of 0.96-inch.Huawei Fitness band 4 has Bluetooth 4.2 feature its battery backup can last up to 9 days(91mAh).it offers a 0.96-inch display of TFT LCD. The band can go from 0% to 100% in 1.5 hours. The unique feature of this fitness smart band is where you could use the USB port attached to one end of the screen in order to charging method. This band will track 9 physical activities along with heart rate and sleep.

5.Infinix Band

Infinix band 5
  • 2.44cm (0.96 inch) Color IPS display
  • 24×7 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Call/SMS/App Notifications & Idle Alert
  • Upto 20 days Battery life on standby.
  • TFT-LCD Display
  • Water Resistant.

The Infinix band 5 comes with a 2.44cm color IPS display and the dial faces are customizable. The touch button is below the screen. The band has three color options Black, Red, and Blue. Infinix band 5 has a stylish look to it and it features some silver below and above the screen. The USB charging port is embedded within the strap and the band has IP67 certified.

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We hope that the above given brief information was helpful and easy to help in choosing the best from the Top 5 Best Fitness Smart Band Under 2000.

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